Women unite

As the center-point of their community, women have always organized to answer a need. Whether it be to solve an issue that is close to home, or spawning a national movement to influence policy for all; through collaboration, creation of tools, and sharing of information, women lean on each other and the strength of the group to influence change. 

Anthony + Stanton is a women's community. We build tangible connections and shared experiences for the benefit of all.

Our Purpose: Empowering women's time so that they can more deeply contribute and benefit.
What We Provide: Actionable support along the path to personal and professional development.
Our Cause: Creating tools that harness the power of exchange.
How? Through our timebank community, programming, and shared resources.
Why? Because working together creates more abundance for us all.


We don’t need more networking opportunities, we need action. Removing “chance” from the equation, our time bank community allows women to connect with others in a tangible, action-driven way. 


In a world where opinions can sometimes feel more divisive than unifying - it's important that we come together. In person. In conversation. In exchange. Music and nice people don't hurt, either.