ying me!

We're thrilled to be partnering with the app Ying (launching March 15, 2017!) to provide us with the technology platform for our Anthony + Stanton timebanking community.

A few quick FAQ's around how it works and how we get down:

- Anthony + Stanton does not have a paid partnership with Ying. We believe in their mission and their product, and have chosen them as our partner to power our timebanking community.

- No, you do not have to participate in timebanking to be a member of our community, but we highly encourage it. Not only is sharing your experiences and gaining from others at the core of our philosophy, it's an incredible experience to give of your time and be able to use those credits for someone else's. It really does transform your thinking around "value." 

- Yes, you must sign up for both Anthony + Stanton as well as Ying separately to participate in both. Once you're on Ying, you will be able to find our community page and join in on the fun.

- There are many benefits of joining our community here as well as within the Ying app. We will be sharing timebanking opportunities specifically tailored to our group, news from other members within the community, and we'll be providing IRL opportunities to meet and work together outside of the online platform.

Have more questions? Contact us!

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