workshop series

Throughout the calendar year, A+S hosts a series of group workshops in NYC focusing on topics near and dear to our hearts. Each workshop is hosted by a member of our community, and gives you an opportunity to meet other women and join in meaningful conversation.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation to upcoming workshops, please email  All workshops are free or nearly free.

Past Workshops Include:


"Life Lessons from Production: Real talk about working in film."

A conversation with Shannon Lords (EP of Great Bowery Film) about her experiences working with high-maintenance directors, shooting on mountain tops, and building production companies from the ground up. A presentation from Shannon will be followed by a roundtable conversation about working and thriving in film, production and advertising. 


"What A Doula Does + Your Reproductive Health"

Kyra Caruso, certified Birth Doula & Lamaze childbirth educator, helps to demystify the role of a doula in and gives a crash course on reproductive health.  Raised in Europe, surrounded by the women of her Austrian as well as Mexican ancestry, Kyra learned to value the honorable role a woman holds in her community. This class is meant for all women, regardless of your family plan. 


"Negotiation for Grownups"

Katie Gardiner is a creative strategist working at the intersection of community and (media) brands. As a co-founder, advisor and advocate, she has established an approach to negotiation that is rooted in real-world experience and common sense. We could all use a little more of both.


"Personal Finance for Women"

Join First Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor Cynthia Wolff for a workshop about taking control of your personal finances. Since 1999, Cynthia has been providing individuals and families alike with long-term financial strategy. Jumpstart your New Year's resolution for a financial facelift!


"She's The Boss"

Join a group conversation with active entrepreneurs about the founding and running of a small business. Personal experiences will be matched with tools and advice from those who have done it before....and are still figuring it out. The discussion will be led by Lauren Bille, Partner at The Big Quiet and Co-Founder CYCLES + SEX, Bea Arthur, LMHC, Founder and CEO of The Difference, as well as Christan Summers, Founder of Tula. Come prepared to ask your questions and offer your own tried and true experiences. 


"Sacred Warrior Training"

Martial arts meets herbal wellness in this powerful integrative practice developed by Sacred Warrior founder, Vanessa Chakour. This training brings together therapeutic movement, western boxing, mindfulness practice and herbalism into a singular experience that deepens your connection to your body and to the body of the earth. During this intro session, we'll share a nourishing herbal infusion, explore empowering movement, meditate and share. @sacredwarrior7 | @reclaimthewildwoman

More workshops will be announced soon, keep checking back!

Alma Lacour